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4-day Whole Food Plant-Based Challenge - You're invited!

I'm inviting you to participate in a 4-day Whole Food Plant-Based Challenge, from Wednesday March 16 to Saturday March 19th. (link in comments for more info and to sign up)

The goals of this challenge are to:

- Shake your habits! - Eat a variety of whole, colorful, nutritious, plant-based food during the 4 days of the challenge. - Realize how much processed food you eat each day and find healthy replacements. - Eat food that give you lots of nutrients. If you keep doing it, overtime, you will get more energy, more mental clarity and you will start becoming healthier. The food we eat can really make a difference! - Experience how your body feels with that type of food. - Prove to yourself that you are totally capable of making some changes in your eating habits when you want to, with the right amount of support.

You'll get tips and support starting next weekend so you can start planning, buying the food you will need, and get ready mentally too!

Comment ME below if you're interested so I know to send you the guide and tag you in the posts.

You can also sign up to receive the information by email:

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