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Are you in charge?

Updated: Dec 26, 2021

CANCER runs in my family. It took my Mom way too early, she was only 56. I was only 28.

She never got to meet her grandson or enjoy retiring and being a Grandma.

When I was in my 20s, I thought that I would get cancer at some point too and that there was no other way. I even remember thinking that I wouldn’t want to get any kind of treatment as it was too painful, too hard, and I would choose to just die (VICTIM MENTALITY much?)

Fast forward to now. I learnt so much about the POWER of FOOD and how every bite you eat can either FEED DISEASE or FIGHT DISEASE. Cancer, diabetes, obesity, heart disease,…

Eating a Whole Food Plant-Based Diet and living a Healthy Lifestyle, I feel super EMPOWERED every day as I know I AM IN CHARGE.

As Dr T. Colin Campbell (The China Study) says, diet+lifestyle accounts for 80% and genetics ONLY for 20% when it comes to disease.

Removing animal and processed foods, that are linked with cancer and chronic illnesses, AND fueling on fresh, whole plants, which are linked with VITALITY and WELLNESS (as opposed to sickness) is my SUPER POWER.

When I coach women, helping them lose weight, I also help them build their immunity, remove the cholesterol, saturated fats, cancer-promoting agents, toxins. I teach them to eat all the GOOD NUTRIENTS their body needs to function at its best while having pleasure, gaining tons of energy AND actively fighting disease.

If you feel that you too want to BE IN CHARGE of your health, send me a message and let’s chat!

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