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Emotional Eating

Updated: Dec 26, 2021

Eating your feelings and emotions...

Knowing WHAT to eat in order to get the best nutrition is one thing. But even if we know, that doesn’t mean we always make the best choices, right? Understanding WHY we eat is as important .

If you find yourself constantly opening the fridge or looking for sweet and salty snacks in the pantry, maybe it’s time to pause and ask yourself some questions: Am I really hungry? OR - Do I eat because the clock tells me it’s time? (even if I’m not hungry) - Am I bored? - Do I feel lonely? - Do I need love or affection? - Am I overwhelmed by the current circumstances in my life/in the world? - Am I sad? - Am I angry? - Am I frustrated? - Am I anxious? - Do I miss a loved one? - Am I trying to escape from my present, my past, my future? - Do I eat to punish myself? - Do I feel ugly/fat/useless/weak? - Do I feel….

Sometimes, we eat without being hungry at all, but just to feel better.


Although eating can bring us a temporary feeling of relief, pleasure and contentment, especially if we eat foods rich in fat, sugar and salt, it doesn’t address the cause or the emotion. Moreover, it can lead to physical discomfort (feeling too full, bloated, nauseous) and mental discomfort. You feel weak, guilty, ashamed, out-of-control and even worse than before eating.

Yes, once in a while, eating a pint of ice cream in difficult times could be just what we need. But if we have the habit of eating without being hungry on a daily basis, it can lead to becoming overweight, which is detrimental to our mental and physical health.

As a coach, I’m there to help you really look at the problem and ask the right questions, so you can work at finding the solutions that are right for yourself. Only then can we start talking about changes in nutrition . It can feel uneasy and uncomfortable but it will most likely lead to amazing results. We can’t always control our circumstances but we can always decide how we react to them.

Do you find yourself eating for the wrong reasons? Can you relate to any of those emotions leading you to eat?

It's ok to ask for help, please reach out! As a health coach, I can help you find ways to deal with this.

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