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How I became a Plant-Based Health Coach

Updated: Dec 26, 2021

This is my son Ysen (short for Ysengrin). He’s a very compassionate, 15-year-old boy, and if there is a Vegan Police, he is an active member! (He was 11 on that photo though!)

Always checking labels, making sure no animals got hurt in the making of things he uses or eats, very gentle with all animals and he would never kill an ant, fly or spider.

He quit eating meat on his own at 7, then decided to quit dairy and all animal products at 9. He eats plenty of veggies and fruits, tempeh and beans, and the occasional vegan treat (ice cream, cookies, pizza, etc)

He is the reason why I do what I do today as a Plant-Based Health Coach. His decision led me to question and research our food choices.

With a curious mind, I discovered the world of Plant-Based Eating in 2016 and never looked back!

Both his health and mine improved (he suffered from chronic constipation all his life before making the switch) and we love the feeling of being compassionate and doing our share for the environment.

He is also a Greger Groupie (a fan of Dr Greger's work), just like me and we enjoy learning together about Vegan/Whole-Food Plant-Based stuff.

I am so grateful for him being in my life.

He inspired me so now I can inspire you!

For those of you interested in a Plant-Based/Vegan Lifestyle, send me a message!

Your health will change by changing what you put in your body. And I can help with that!

[Picture on our Vegan Cruise, 2018, where we got to meet Dr Greger in person!]

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