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I used to be tired

Updated: Dec 26, 2021

I used to be tired. All the time. And my jeans were becoming tighter and tighter.

It was hard to get up in the morning, and I had to take a nap after work.

I drank Diet Coke and Vanilla Latte to stay awake. I also ate donuts and cookies and anything sugary, to get that extra boost and keep me going. Oh, and chips too! During those years, I was a vegetarian, and all those foods were vegetarian, right? Couldn’t be that bad! But that didn’t mean they were healthy and doing any good to my body.

I was hiding behind excuses.

I realized this couldn’t go on much longer, things had to change.

In 2015, I reached my highest weight and discomfort. I didn’t feel I was being the Mom I wanted to be either. At some point, I was secretly hoping to find a Doctor that would tell me that something was actually wrong with me, prescribe a special pill and cure me overnight. But that pill doesn’t exist! Instead I had to look closely at how I was feeding myself and treating my body.

In 2016, I discovered what a Whole Food Plant-Based Lifestyle was. Eating plants, mostly unprocessed, lots of them, and avoiding animals and processed foods. I learned how to eat and cook this way. Every bite became nourishing, energizing, healing. I was in charge of my own health! How empowering! I started to feel so much lighter and energized! And the muffin top disappeared too!

Now I get up early, do yoga, walk the puppy , work/coach for 1.5 hour, make breakfast and lunches , all before 8:30am, then go to teach high school, work some more after 4, coaching clients, prepping courses and material and I usually also include a workout. Then I still have enough energy to make dinner and enjoy quality time with my 2 favourite teens.

Such a different life! I wish I knew about a Plant-Based lifestyle before! Now, I help women transform their food and lifestyle habits and feel empowered in their health.

Do you feel like this lifestyle is for you? Send me a message if you’re ready for a change, I did it and you can too!

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